Life Coaching

Life Coaching at Healing Hands is for people in transition…working through any change in life or life’s schedule.

Life coaching is the art of asking curious questions and guiding a client to their own answers and solutions based on their identified values, life purpose and goals.

The coach encourages with supportive listening, keeping the client on track, and accountability.  Coaching helps the client understand themselves better and work through changes in their life in a constructive manner.

A person can coach about anything in their life.  Most involve change.  Common topics include:

  • relationships of any kind (family, work, romantic, parenting, care giving, etc.)
  • retirement, job and/or career changes
  • role conflicts
  • living life authentically
  • identifying changes the client would like to make

Coaching creates the plan and identifies steps to reach the goal.

Kristin Sjolie is a certified life coach and is ready to help you with your transition.

Kristin is available on Tuesday evenings or other times by arrangement,.  Please call Healing Hands for an appointment.