Massage Therapy

Full body massage consists of a variety of Swedish massage strokes, using the thumbs, fingers and palms.  Kneading, stretching and applying various degrees of pressure allow for the body to relax and muscles to be soothed.  Client is allowed to disrobe to their personal comfort level.  Oils or creams made of natural ingredients are used to enhance the massage techniques.  To help complete the full beneficial effect, we incorporate soothing music, a cushioned, heated table and a warm room.

A one hour massage is recommended for over-all wellness.  In addition to the relaxation factors, massage activates the lymphatic system to help flush toxins out of the body and lowers blood pressure.  To fully reap the building effects of massage therapy, a person should be in a routine of receiving a massage every three to five weeks.  If chronic problems persist, massage may be more frequent.

A one-half hour massage is recommended when a there is a specific issue.  Most common is neck and shoulder pain and discomfort and the focus for the full half hour is on this area.  Some athletes and runners have the time concentrated on legs and feetLow back pain and sciatic nerve pain can also be relieved with massage.  Carpel tunnel and other issues (especially from working on computers) can also be relieved with massage.

A one and a half hour massage is wonderful when time is needed to work in more in-depth problem areas.

A hot rock massage is very relaxing, although it typically does  not change the physiology  of the muscles.   Practitioner uses warm stones to massage the muscles, hot towels to soothe and some aromatherapy.  A very nice experience.