Natural Health Tips

“Stock-up your Medicine Cabinet”

You may already have Arnica Montana and Bromelain on hand (just in case you or a family member has a need for their tissue repair and pain relief abilities) but there is another remedy you might wish to keep in your personal stock as well.

Have you heard of Oscillococcinum?

Reportedly, it was used with success by several pockets of people during the outbreak of Influenza in 1918. They either got only a light version of the deadly flu strain, or, did not get it at all. Like many homeopathic remedies, there is little research to support these reports. However, many in Europe swear by it, in fact it is the most popular remedy in France today, according to several sources.

Borion has patented Oscillococcium which makes it very different than usual homeopathic remedies listed in the homeopathic materia medica. It can be taken during the first 48 hrs of a flu-like illness, every 6-8 hrs, when it becomes obvious that the vague symptoms either subside or worsen. As always, contact your health care professional if you have any concerns about the severity of any illness.
Oscillococcium is available at Healing Hands, as is Monolaurin an effective anti-viral.

Starr’s Lemonade

  • Do YOU have symptoms of “acid reflux” or “heart burn”?
  • Do YOU have a “stuffy” nose or feel like a faucet is dripping in the back of your throat when you awaken ?
  • Do you have cold hands or cold feet more often than not?
  • Maybe this simple tea – like beverage is for you!


Boil 8- 12 oz of water & add …

Juice from 1/2 lemon + 1-2 tsp of pure maple syrup, raw honey or agave nectar

Then, add a pinch of very fine cayenne pepper … work your way (gradually … may take months!!) up to 1/2 tsp / beverage/day. DO NOT exceed this amount … you can get TOO MUCH cayenne pepper!

Cayenne is a natural healer, will dissolve mucous, stimulate HCL in the stomach, and enhance circulation. It is a wonderful, healing beverage.

~ courtesy of Dr. Renee Welhouse, 2003

Perils of Pop

POP – a three letter word that is most definitely in our child’s vocabulary and why not?

Pop is everywhere! The average person in the US guzzles approximately 54 gallons of Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and other pops. How much better can it get than to drink pop from the 20 ounce bottles with the twist tops? Instead of just Coke and Pepsi, milk now has designer pops such as Snapple and Fruitopia to compete against. With our children drinking twice as much pop as milk, their bones will pay a high price for all the pop consumption in later years.

Kids who drink pop consume an extra 200 calories/day. Childhood obesity has been linked to the increase in the amount of pop children are drinking.

Not only is pop hazardous to our bones and weight, but the acid and sugar in pop wears down the enamel on the teeth causing tooth decay. Pop is the #1 source of sugar in the diet! To figure out how much sugar is in the pop, fruit drink or any designer beverage, take the number of carbohydrates listed on the Nutrition Facts label and divide by 4. That gives you the number of teaspoons of sugar you just drank! But wait!! Look at the servings per container at the top of the Nutrition Facts label. If the number isn’t one, you need to multiply the number of servings by the number of teaspoons of sugar you had just figured out. That will give you the total number of teaspoons of sugar in your beverage! (U of M Extension Service)

Example: 20 ounce bottle of Snapple

  • 29g divided by 4 = 7 ¼ tsp sugar
  • 2.5 servings x 7 ¼ tsp sugar = 18 tsp of sugar in the entire container!!!

Dr. Richardson’s 10 Golden Rules

  1. Stop putting poisons into the body
  2. It takes 5-7 times the normal amount of nutrition to build and repair than it does to maintain
  3. Nothing heals in the human body in less than 3 months. Then add one month for every year that you have been sick
  4. Have moderation in all things
  5. Make peace with nature
  6. Live closer to GOD
  7. Take responsibility for yourself and your health
  8. Eat as much raw food as possible
  9. Exercise regularly the rest of your life
  10. Practice and learn to understand completely Herring’s Law of Cure, which is, “ALL CURE STARTS FROM WITHIN OUT, AND FROM THE HEAD DOWN, AND IN REVERSE ORDER AS THE SYMPTOMS HAVE APPEARED.”

Healing Crisis

When a person follows a cleansing program protocol that includes a healthy diet and lifestyle, one will experience (at one or more points along the journey) what is known as a healing crisis. This is actually a very good sign! Fear not! A healing crisis is a point at which the body is working most hard to rid itself of unwanted mucus and/or waste products, and can last from one to seven days depending on individual circumstances.

Routine cleansing and healthy nutritional practices over time, have prepared the body to do this essential work. It is called a “crisis” because one may think their acute condition has returned, old symptoms may have resurfaced, one may unexpectedly get a cold or have flu-like symptoms. The incredible fact is, that the system is ready to slough off and shed the toxic materials it has held in the tissues. Once this phase is complete, the resilient human body feels like new! A healing crisis almost always involves amazing bowel elimination, as the body rids itself of toxic debris.

Treat yourself gently through this process, rest, take in adequate fluids, enjoy a ginger toxin bath, allow the healing to happen. Our culture tends to “mask” symptoms instead of letting them surface and the body to heal itself, but we also recognize that each person manifests illness and healing in unique ways. As always, be prudent and if symptoms worsen or do not abate, contact your health care provider. ~Hannah Kroeger


Why is this health issue on the rise in the United States? Well , experts attribute part of the cause to obesity. The greater the weight, the greater the risk. There seems to be a link with pop consumption as well. Also women with diabetes have a greater chance of developing kidney stones. One in seven men and one in 15 women will be diagnosed with a kidney stone in their lifetime.

CAT scans have become more widely utilized these days and they detect stones that might not otherwise have been noticed. Although kidney stones are mostly calcium, cutting calcium intake is not recommended. In addition,the use of calcium supplements does not appear to lower the risk of stones for men or women.There is some speculation that calcium supplementation increases the risk of kidney stones (and heart disease) in women over 50.

Calcium in food may lower the risk of kidney stones because it binds with oxalate and is then excreted in the stool. Did you know that the more salt you eat the more calcium you excrete in urine?

Epidemiologic studies have shown that those who drink more fluids are less likely to have kidney stones. Lots of water and variety in juice seems to be the best approach since different fluids affect people individually. Grapefruit, cranberry, and apple juice can have less than optimal effects for many people given their range of acidity and sugar content. Orange juice seems to be an effective citrus blend for most people to help maintain the kidneys.

Black Sesame Seeds … Ancient Chinese Secret ?

Master Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qigong) teaches that black sesame seeds help rebuild kidney energy. We know that the kidney meridian is associated with life force, vitality, and health. When the kidney energy is in balance one is able to maintain a healthy weight and hair “stays dark”. Black Sesame seeds “tonify the yin fluids and blood; strengthen the liver and kidneys; and lubricate the intestines,” Dr. Hua Zhu. Avoid in cases of diarrhea or watery stools. Can be very effective relief of constipation, dry cough, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, stiff joints, and prematurely gray hair.

How to prepare (Master Lin’s suggestions): Soak two to three tablespoons of black sesame seeds in water for five minutes. Discard floating seeds and hulls.

  • Cook the remaining seeds for five minutes in one glass of water.
  • Let stand for 10 minutes. Drink the broth and eat the seeds.
  • You can make a large batch and keep in the fridge for up to a week.
  • You can drink the broth daily. Morning is best.

Dr. Hua Zhu (Healing Hands) suggests placing the seeds on a cookie sheet and roasting them slightly. Pan roast under medium heat for 3 minutes and stir.

Grind them in a coffee or spice grinder and use as you would flax seed meal. Store in a glass jar. Keep in the fridge.

Dr. Zhu also suggests mixing up to a tablespoon of the black sesame seed meal with honey and ingesting it in that manner twice a day. (2 TBSP/day)

Give it a try and see what a little bit of black sesame seed in your diet can do for you!

Pure Black Sesame Seeds are available at Healing Hands!

(Or, try for a wide variety of seeds and nuts.)


garlic, onion, ginger, pumpkin seeds, oregano, cloves, figs, pineapple and papaya are easy to include in your menu planning.

  • Having a good balance of friendly flora in the GI tract (sour and cultured foods)will also increase resistance to parasitic infestations.
  • The CDC estimates that 76million people pick up parasites from food every year in the United States.

~ Essential Health Newsletter, 2007